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Proud Partnerships

One of the most rewarding aspects of our work is our collaboration with education trusts and non-profits. These generous organisations fund and champion young people from previously disadvantaged backgrounds in a variety of ways to improve their prospects and give them hope. We are proud to be an active partner with these organisations by designing and implementing specialised tutoring and enrichment programmes for their learners.

“Not only have the tutors managed to raise the grades of the boys, but they have formed mentorship roles in the boys’ lives, going above and beyond the call. By screening University students, Teach Me 2 not only manages to tap into the brightest and the best, but also creates a real connection between the tutors and students.” Caroline Rupert, rupert-foundation


How we Work

Since 2008, we’ve been proud to partner with some of the country’s top Foundations and Trusts to provide their beneficiaries with learning support. We’ve designed an effective methodology for monitoring and managing custom-designed group and individual tutoring interventions to suit the needs of organisations. Some of our services include:

Tutoring Programme Design

We build a tutoring programme to meet the specific needs of each organisation, including intelligent grouping of learners, scheduling of lessons and assistance in handling venue logistics (if required).

Tutor selection

We select high-calibre tutors from our team to match programme requirements, taking into account factors such as gender, language of instruction, learning needs and geographical proximity to the tutoring venue

Tutor management

We monitor and manage our tutors assigned to the programme, including scheduling lessons, collecting lesson feedback and replacing tutors where necessary.

Feedback reporting on learner progress

At the end of each tutoring period, typically a school term, we provide a comprehensive report detailing the overall programme statistics. This is then broken down into per-learner feedback, statistics and suggestions as well as overall recommendations to optimise the programme for improved results.