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Yasmin D, Springfield

I have studied Art History comprehensively at a highschool and tertiary level. I have knowledge of academic essay writing in this subject. I have have studied Art history timeline in a South African as well as worldwide context.

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Can teach: English, Art, Life Sciences (Biology), Art History, Conversational English

Suzanna H, Rondebosch

It is a subject that I am very confident in and have further developed the necessary skills during an Art History course I did last year at university.

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Can teach: English, Life Sciences (Biology), History, Art History
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Karniela K, Rosebank

When I was doing art in high school I made friends with brilliant artists some who are even rising to fame, but a problem many of them faced in getting the distinction was Art History and so I want to help other students who struggle in this area.

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Can teach: Mathematics, Life Sciences (Biology), Art History
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