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Connor F, Northcliff

I obtaining a Distinction in high school and that is a good indicator that I know what I'm doing. I specialise in the Theoretical side of Art.

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Can teach: English, Art, History, Mathematics Literacy, Drums, Golf, Squash, Soccer
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Robyn G, Radiokop

I love Art and did very well in Matric. My passion is drawing but I also have experience in how the IEB marks (what is expected to achieve a good mark).

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Can teach: English, Art, Life Sciences (Biology), History, Life Orientation, Statistics, Psychology, Art History
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Tatiana S, Senderwood

I achieved the top mark for art in grade 10,11 and 12. I am able to help with creative ides for the practicals. I can also help teach students how to answer theory questions as I achieved 100% for my theory preliminary exam.

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Can teach: Mathematics, English, Art, History

Maxine P, Melville

I'm passionate about art - the History and the practice of it. I completed my undergrad in art, and would one-day love to combine art in my career.

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Can teach: English, Afrikaans, Art, Drama
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