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Nicola C, Rietondale

I have a strong passion for art. I've always had excellent results for the subject and have proceeded to study Illustration and Animation design at The Open Window Institute for Digital Sciences. I am freelance artist and I create in my spare time.

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Can teach: English, Art, History, Mathematics Literacy, Art History, Arts & Culture, Design, Swimming
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Amy B, Pretoria

I love the practical section of Visual Art Studies and have a personal passion for art in general. I spoke at my Matric Art Exhibition about my pieces, and achieved the highest mark in my grade.

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Can teach: Mathematics, Art, Life Sciences (Biology), History, English, Afrikaans, Art History, Business Management
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Jonathan H, Durbanville

I matriculated with 76% for Visual Arts. In Grade 11 I was awarded a certificate of Honours at the Tygerberg International Eisteddfod for my art. I am also currently studying a BA in Graphic Design which is further expanding my art.

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Can teach: English, Art, Mathematics Literacy, Foundation Phase- Literacy, Foundation Phase- Numeracy, Art History, Business Management, Arts & Culture
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