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Melissa-jane G, Plumstead

Critical thinking does not equal being critical of a subject. I can guide my students to assemble, analyse and interpret data in a structured manner.

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Can teach: English, Afrikaans, Recorder, Clarinet, Music Theory, Critical Thinking
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Kwena M, Northcliff

Software Development requires a high degree of critical thinking which is a strong focus in my favored stream of Software Development and a subject I did in university.

  • 115 hours tutored
  • Background check passed
  • 45 Hours of Availability
Can teach: Mathematics, Physical Science, Life Sciences (Biology), Additional Mathematics, Life Orientation, Mathematics Literacy, SAT, Study skills, Computer Studies (ICT), Mathematics IEB experience, CAT, Leadership, Critical Thinking, Copywriting, Microsoft Excel, Python, JavaScript, Java, CSS, C++, Strategy, Basketball
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Salmaan K, Rosebank

Critical thinking is imperative to be successful. I help the client identify aspects of being curious about knowledge, asking questions about things that they are told and developing skills to explore why something is the way it is.

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  • 61 Hours of Availability
Can teach: Mathematics, English, Afrikaans, Life Sciences (Biology), Homework, Life Orientation, Statistics, Psychology, Exam Preparation, Study skills, Sociology, Human and Social Sciences, Project Management, Industrial Psychology, Research, Communication, Self-Awareness, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Critical Thinking, Teamwork & Collaboration, Business & Professional, Thoughts & Emotions, Lifestyle, Relationships, Vocational, Counselling, Customer Service, Sales, Human Resources, Conflict Resolution & Mediation, Stress & Anxiety Management, Writing Techniques
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