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Emmanuel T

Tutor in Randpark, Randburg • 41 years old

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I am a respectable teacher not only for my knowledge of mathematics, but my overall attitude and actions, laying out clear rules and expectations for learners to follow. Am a facilitator of learning.

-Patience, flexibility, organisation, good communication and adaptive skills. -I use effective and research proven teaching strategies that inspire learners of different style and age. -I don't give up on learners until they become mathematics champion. - I use technology in planning and executing instructions, it inspires all types of learners, mathematics become fun and comprehensible.


• B.Sc/Teaching Dip. Mathematics, University of Yaoundé 1.
• 15 years teaching high school maths to learners around Jo'burg and Cameroon with Teachme2, private tutoring and high schools in Cameroon.

My Proudest

• Last year, I successfully improve students' results that were below 30% to above 60% and higher in maths exams.
• At the moment due to COVID-19 am using LearnCube software online platform to engage learners where ever they are. "Distance is not a barrier".


  • School Tutoring


Grade 1 - Grade 12

I have taught over 15 years of high school mathematics around Johannesburg and Cameroon with Teachme2 and high schools in Cameroon. Being an official maths examiner, I prepare learners for an A Grade in Matric and Cambridge exams. MATHEMATICS IS FUN


Emmanuel will travel up to 40km from Randpark, Randburg, Gauteng to you.

Approximate location and area of coverage.

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