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Inolofatseng L

Tutor in Auckland Park, Johannesburg • 28 years old

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I am a natural uplifter of others! My optimistic view on life makes this easy for me and so I easily gravitate towards situations where I can be of service to those in need.

I've been invited to lecture at the University of Johannesburg Town and Regional Planning Department for one year and received positive feedback from my students, some of whom I'm still in contact with. This experience has enhanced my capacity for patience, compassion and sharpened my skills as sharing the knowledge I have on various subjects. I believe in making learning fun again!.


• 2013-2015- National Diploma in Town and Regional Planning
• 2015-2016- BTECH in Town and Regional Planning
• 2017-Current- MA in Urban Studies
• 2017-2018- Assistant lecturer
• 2017-2018-Research assistant

My Proudest

• I have received numerous outstanding academic performance awards, including being invited to join the Golden Key Society, Dean's Honors Roll for two years in a row. I have also obtained both my National Diploma and BTECH with distinctions. To attest to my awesomeness, I'm still sane and alive!


  • University Tutoring


First Year - Fourth Year

I hold an NDIP and BTECH in town and regional planning with Geography as a major subject. I've also worked at the City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality Geographic Information Systems Department for six months.

Business Communication

First Year

I did English: Communication Studies 1 A & B at National Diploma Level and obtained distinctions for both. This knowledge has been applied since in my work as a research assistant and town planner since graduation.


First Year - Fourth Year

Granted I obtained a distinction for my mini-dissertation in BTECH (honors equivalent), I've worked as a research assistant and part-time researcher at research centers in UJ and Wits University including Wits History Workshop and JIAS for two years.

Environmental Studies

First Year - Fourth Year

I achieved a distinction for this subject. As a core fourth year module for my BTECH, I understand the module well and I am happy to assist others in understanding it better.

  • School Tutoring

Development Studies

Grade 1 - Grade 12

I've taught housing development at University, Second year level for a year. I'm also a Master's student in Urban Studies (a field of development studies) and I've also worked in the development field as a town planner and researcher.

Life Orientation

Grade 1 - Grade 12

Apart from obtaining a distinction in the subject, I have also been engaged with mentoring local teenagers by helping them navigate the challenges of being a young adult.


Inolofatseng will travel up to 30km from Auckland Park, Johannesburg, Gauteng to you.

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