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Martin M

Tutor in Braampark, Johannesburg • 27 years old

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I am an Internal Auditor in possession of a Bachelor degree in Internal Auditing. I am also a student Chartered Certified Accountant. I am passionate about numbers and the reasoning behind them.

People generally understand and grasp concepts better and easily when helped by me. This is a true verifiable fact. I've learned and mastered the art of speaking to a human's mind and soul over and above their appearance. I've taught many students from differing backgrounds. My communication and interpersonal skills are so sharp that I never left anyone in the room unclear.


• Currently studying towards my Chartered Certified Accountant designation
• 2018: I completed my Bachelor Degree in Internal Auditing and passed with distinction

My Proudest

• In 2019, I produced a 90% pass rate in my class where I was teaching Financial Management to university students
• I was honored with the Best Tutor certificate in 2018
• I was conferred with a Bachelor Degree certificate for being in the top 3 achievers in the class of 2018 final year


  • University Tutoring

Financial Accounting

First Year - Fourth Year

I have 3 cumulative years of experience tutoring financial accounting for university students. This is one module I specialize in and i do it the best.

Management Accounting

First Year - Third Year

I have 3 cumulative years of experience teaching this module. I am also continuing with it in my postgraduate studies. I have strong base of the concepts of management accounting now advanced to performance management

Financial Reporting

First Year - Fourth Year

This is my core module in my postgraduate studies. It builds from financial accounting. I have strong skills and sight for it. I consider it as financial accounting but with reporting added to it. I possess strong knowledge and understanding of it.

Financial Management

First Year - Second Year

I have 1 full year of experience teaching this module. It is challenging yet interesting. I pride myself with the skill of making it relatively easy for my students. I possess a strong knowledge and understanding of the module. It is also my major.

Business Accounting

First Year - Third Year

I have a strong understanding of business models and/or processes. The Accounting aspect of it is my expertise.


Martin will travel up to 15km from Braampark, Johannesburg, Gauteng to you.

Approximate location and area of coverage.

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