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Megan R

Tutor in Pretoria, Gauteng • 24 years old

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I am a motivated person who enjoys helping others. My hobbies include art, reading and outdoor activities such as hiking and swimming.

I try to see things from my student’s perspective, so that I can make the work relatable to them individually. I believe that each student is capable of achieving high goals, and I enjoy helping them to reach their full potential.


• Studies at the University of Pretoria:
• 2020 - current: MSc Medical Immunology
• 2018: BSc Biochemistry Honours (cum laude)
• 2015 - 2017: BSc Biochemistry (cum laude)

My Proudest

• I made it onto the Dean's List for the Top 30 Academic Achievers and received my undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree Cum Laude. I also achieved a distinction for the subsequent Honours degree.
• I achieved the second-highest national level (Youth or National B) in 2012 for swimming.


  • School Tutoring

Life Sciences (Biology)

Grade 1 - Grade 12

I achieved Cum Laude for my undergraduate Biochemistry degree, with one of my main subjects being Physiology ( University-level life sciences). I love the subject and also enjoy helping others understand the concepts.


Grade 1 - Grade 12

I have completed a first year Chemistry course which was complementary to the school syllabus. I am very good at explaining this subject, due to my passion for it and have helped my varsity peers in this regard.


Grade 1 - Grade 12

I obtained 78% for English Home Language in my final school year. I completed an Internationally based schooling system (ACE School of Tomorrow) from grade 1-10, which greatly aided my language skills, through, for example, extra spelling courses.

Business Studies

Grade 1 - Grade 12

I received 81% for Business Studies in Matric and have taught the subject on a volunteer basis at Louis Botha Children's Home.


Grade 1 - Grade 12

I volunteer at Louis Botha Children's Home as a part-time tutor and help the children with homework.


Grade 1 - Grade 12

I have previously tutored high school Mathematics and achieved a distinction for my University Mathematics module as part of my B.Sc Biochemistry degree (Module WTW 134).

Physical Science

Grade 1 - Grade 12

I have experience teaching Physical Sciences, and studied the subject further in University, achieving a Cum Laude for both my undergraduate and Honours Biochemistry degrees.

Mathematics Literacy

Grade 1 - Grade 12

I achieved a distinction for my Mathematics module at the University of Pretoria as part of my BSc Biochemistry degree. I also have experience tutoring the subject.

Life Orientation

Grade 1 - Grade 12

I enjoy teaching life skills and achieved a distinction for the subject in Matric.

  • University Tutoring


First Year - Postgrad

I completed my B.Sc undergraduate and Honours degrees with distinction (Cum Laude) and have experience tutoring the subject.


First Year - Second Year

I have completed two years worth of genetics courses, covering introductory genetics, molecular genetics, and genetic diversity and evolution.


First Year - Third Year

Learning body functioning is a passion of mine. The courses I completed were in Neurophysiology, lung and renal physiology, acid-base balance and temperature, circulatory physiology, as well as digestion, endocrinology and reproduction.

Applied Statistics

First Year

I have completed a course in Biometry, and am highly skilled when it comes to solving and explaining the problems presented. I am able to understand the subject matter in a logical way and have helped fellow peers with this course in my first year.

Organic Chemistry

First Year

I am able to visualize and understand the problems presented, something quite crucial with regard to explaining Organic Chemistry. I have completed a semester course in Organic Chemistry which was also combined with a semester in Physical Chemistry.


First Year - Second Year

I achieved distinctions for the Microbiology courses listed, as part of my B.Sc Biochemistry degree.

  • Sports Coaching


Beginner - Intermediate

I achieved the second highest National level in swimming (National Level B or Junior), under the guidance of renowned national coach, Dean Price. I would love to teach the necessary techniques and help others develop a passion for the sport.


Megan will travel up to 10km from Pretoria, Gauteng to you.

Approximate location and area of coverage.

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