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Tshimologo P

Tutor in Mahikeng, North West • 25 years old

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I am a Mathematics fanatic, currently practicing as an Electrical Engineer, a dream I set out to achieve in Grade 10. I am also a patient, self-motivated young woman who aspire to inspire others.

Patience - I understand that we are wired differently, and therefore I take my time with everyone I am helping. I'm patient enough to revise different methods until it works for my student. Sharing - I'm always willing to share knowledge & helpful material, throughout my academic career I have been a part of group studies that thrived on "there are different ways to understand the same concepts."


• 2013: NSC - Batswana Commmercial Secondary School
• 2014-2019: Bachelor in Science (Electrical Engineering) - University of the Witwatersrand
• 2020: TEFL 120H Certificate - Teach TEFL Language School

My Proudest

• - Top learner in my School from Grade 11-12, got position 2 in grade 10.
• - 2013 Top Mathematics achiever (Final Mark - 98%),
• - Obtaining my Bachelor in Science (Electrical Engineering) from Wits.
• - Finally practicing as an Electrical Engineer in the province I always said I wanted to work in.


  • School Tutoring


Grade 1 - Grade 12

As someone who struggled a bit with Mathematics in Grade 7-8, I know what it takes to improve results. I put in extra work from grade 9, attended extra after-school classes, and watched a lot of online videos.


Grade 1 - Grade 12

I first got introduced to Accounting in Grade 7 as I went to a commercial High School. My passion for financial concepts began. To this day, understanding cash flow statements and balance sheet statements come in handy for a young graduate like me.

Physical Science

Grade 1 - Grade 12

I particularly enjoyed the Physics, mainly because I enjoy calculations. I then went on to study Electrical Engineering. I am currently practicing as an Assistant Electrical Engineer, and all the fundamentals learned in High School apply in my job.

Life Sciences (Biology)

Grade 1 - Grade 12

For the longest time, I wanted to become a medical doctor. This was before I realized that I love Mathematics more, and chose Electrical Engineering. However, my childhood dream was coupled with walls full of human organ charts & amino acid concepts.

Additional Mathematics

Grade 1 - Grade 10

I attended back-to-back classes of Additional Mathematics where concepts of data handling, probability, and geometry were drilled into my head. To this day, there's no angle theory you can begin to utter without me finishing it.


Tshimologo will travel up to 10km from Mahikeng, North West to you.

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