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Tayla K, Claremont

I enjoy teaching younger learners as they are eager to learn, although they often battle with getting prepared for their final tests and exams and I am confident that I can help them perform to their best potential across all subjects.

  • 77 hours tutored
  • Background check passed
  • 77 Hours of Availability
Can teach: English, Mathematics Literacy, Exam Preparation, Marketing
5.0 out of 5
2 reviews
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Jamie-lee S, Sunnyridge

I am studying through UNISA for a teaching degree for the GET.

  • 227 hours tutored
  • Background check passed
  • 83 Hours of Availability
Can teach: Mathematics, English, Afrikaans, Life Sciences (Biology), Geography, History, Homework, Life Orientation, Natural Science, Foundation Phase- Literacy, Foundation Phase- Numeracy, Social Science, Exam Preparation, Human and Social Sciences
4.5 out of 5
15 reviews
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Thea-marie S, The Crest

I have some very helpful tips to show high school learners in order for them to study efficiently. I matriculated with an average of 78.6% and feel that I can be helpful to learners who struggle with studying.

  • 41 hours tutored
  • Background check passed
  • 35 Hours of Availability
Can teach: English, Afrikaans, History, Psychology, Exam Preparation
5.0 out of 5
4 reviews
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