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Jonathan L, Rosebank

I am a UCT B.Com FAPM (Honours) student. I manage pension equity Investment Portfolios and have real world experience as an investor. I partook in RMB's winter school internship programme wherein only 70 of the 3500 applicants were selected.

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Kristen M, Universiteits Oord

I am in the third year and I will major in Investment and Financial Management this year. I am able to help others prepare for tests and exams. I have completed the module myself and know what it requires. I've notes, summaries and tutorial workings.

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Can teach: Theory of Interest, Investment Management

Frank Sylvio G, Sunnydale

I have a BCom Honours in Management specialised in Finance and Investment.

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Can teach: Mathematics, Accounting, Additional Mathematics, French, Mathematics Literacy, Statistics, Financial Mathematics, Financial Accounting, Commerce, Advanced Mathematics, Investment Management, Financial Management, Business Statistics, Business Mathematics, Mathematics IEB experience, Applied Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Corporate Finance, AP Maths, Financial Analysis
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