Lesson Schedule Terms and Conditions

Entered into between

The Client specified in the Lesson Schedule (The Client); The Tutor specified in the Lesson Schedule (The Tutor); and Teach Me 2 Tutoring CC (The Agent);

WHEREAS, the Agent is engaged in the business of screening, managing, placing and representing Tutors in a variety of subjects.

AND WHEREAS, both the Tutor and the Client have enlisted the services of the Agent to manage a particular tutoring programme between them, as per the specifications in the Lesson Schedule sent to such parties, and as per further terms and conditions between such parties and the Agent in separate agreements concluded with each party prior to confirming this Lesson Schedule.

NOW THEREFORE, by virtue of further attendance of any lessons detailed in the Lesson Schedule, the parties confirm their agreement as follows:-

1. Attendance of Scheduled Lessons
The Client and the Tutor agree to make every effort to attend the lessons, as scheduled and recorded in the Lesson Schedule. In the event that the Client or the Tutor cannot make a scheduled lesson as per the Lesson Schedule, both parties agree to give sufficient notice to the Agent, as per the notice periods specified in the Agent’s contract with each party. Should either party foresee timing or availability conflicts in the Lesson Schedule, such party agrees to advise the Agent prior to commencement of the Lesson Schedule, so that lessons can be rescheduled as required.

2. Lesson Fees & Payment

2.1 Payment:
(a) The Client hereby agrees to pay the Agent the Lesson Fees associated with the Tutoring required, as per the invoice sent to the Client, based on the package selected by such Client.

(b) Such payment shall be made upfront, prior to the commencement of the first lesson. Payments shall be made by Electronic Funds Transfer or Bank Deposit.

(c) Payment will be held in trust by the Agent on the Tutor’s behalf and released to the Tutor on successful completion of lessons, subject to the deduction of agency fees and other conditions contained in the Agent’s contract with the Tutor.

2.2 Learning resources:
Any additional learning resources required for the Tutoring lessons shall be purchased by the Client and are not included in the regular tutoring fees and will be quoted separately if applicable.

2.3 Late Payments:
Should the Client fail to make payment of the invoice prior to commencement of scheduled tutoring lessons, the Agent reserves the right to suspend tutoring until such payment is received. Once payment has been received by the Agent, the suspended lessons may be rescheduled.

3. Tutored Lessons

3.1 Lesson description:
The lesson type (e.g. single or group) and lesson length (e.g 2 hours) of the Lesson Package purchased, as specified on the Lesson Schedule attached, are fixed and cannot be modified by the parties without the express approval of the Agent, which approval may be withheld if Tutors cannot be sourced for alternative lesson variations.

3.2 Signing of Lesson Schedules:
The Client agrees to co-operate in confirming the occurrence of lessons through the provision of signatures on Lesson Schedules provided by the Tutor upon completion of each lesson.

4. Non-circumvention:
The parties acknowledge that they have been introduced to each other by the Agent. The Client specifically acknowledges that the Tutor is contracted to the Agent and has been referred to the Client in good faith. The Client and the Tutor therefore agree to not do business privately for a period of twenty-four (24) months after the final lesson scheduled by the Agent in respect of the Client and the Tutor, as per the most recent Lesson Schedule confirmed.

5. Indemnification

5.1 Screening and Safety Policy:
The Agent is committed to screening of Tutors. In addition, the Agent complies with a company Safety Policy in determining Tutor-Client match-ups, taking into account factors relating to age and gender. However, the Agent cannot be held responsible for the actions of the Tutor or the Client. As reflected elsewhere, Tutors are independent contractors, represented by the Agent.

5.2 Indemnity:
In light of 5.1 above, the Client and the Tutor hereby indemnifies and holds the Agent harmless against claims arising from any act or omission by the Tutor or the Client.

5.3 Onus on Clients and Tutors:
The Client and the Tutor acknowledge the need to take every precaution necessary in dealing with each other, as they would in any other independent contractor/Client relationship.

6. Disputes:
In the event of a dispute between the Client and the Tutor regarding their working relationship or tutored lessons conducted as per the Lesson Schedule, both parties authorise the Agent to assist in investigating and mediating such dispute on their behalf.