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Maxine P

Tutor in Melville, Johannesburg • 25 years old

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I am a language and art enthusiast. I love the idea of knowledge and its transference to others. I am quite relaxed in my teaching style, but I'm a firm believer in respect.

I love learning and love to share the passion of knowledge with others, and I would consider it an honour to be able to help someone on their academic or artistic journey. I hope not only to be a tutor but to become a mentor. I understand through which processes the mind goes at certain levels of second- or third language acquisition and am able to use these to a student's benefit.


• currently completing my honours degree in Drama Therapy at Wits University
• undergraduate at Wits in Art, Writing, and Linguistics
• Grade 7 in Classical and Jazz Vocals (Alto)
• Grade 5 in Musical Theory

My Proudest

• Obtaining 5 distinctions for my final matric results
• Top 15% of academic achievers at Wits University
• Member of the the Golden Key International Honours society
• Maintaining a distinction standard at university level
• Maintaining a distinction standard at post graduate level


  • School Tutoring


Grade 1 - Grade 12

I'm passionate about art - the History and the practice of it. I completed my undergrad in art, and would one-day love to combine art in my career.


Grade 1 - Grade 12

I'm very passionate about English as a language. I took Linguistics as a minor in my undergrad studies. I am especially equipped to help with literature essays and understanding poetry.


Grade 1 - Grade 12

I've always been a theatre kid, and I love being on stage. Throughout my school career, I took part in many productions. I completed my undergrad in stage writing and am currently doing my Honours in Drama Therapy.


Grade 1 - Grade 12

I spent both my primary and high school career in an Afrikaans school. I speak Afrikaans and English fluently and am currently studying Linguistics - which makes my language teaching methods simple and effective.


Maxine will travel up to 5km from Melville, Johannesburg, Gauteng to you.

Approximate location and area of coverage.

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