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Renier B

Tutor in Stellenbosch Campus, Stellenbosch • 29 years old

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I am quite outspoken and very good at making a point be it in a tutoring session or just in social day to day living. I am currently doing my Masters in Engineering.

According to personality tests, my aptitude lies in convincing others of my viewpoint. Now if that viewpoint happens to be the right one according to the text book, the student is bound to understand the concept if he wants to or not. I already am doing part time tutoring (for free) in our res and it seems the students really benefit from it.


• Masters in Engineering [E&E] - Speech Recognition (Current)
• B.Eng [E&E] - Graduated 2014

My Proudest

• Achieved a 76% average for my final year of B.Eng (E&E)
• Received award for the best All-Rounder in high school (Academics, Sport and Culture)
• Maintaining an average of around 70% in Electrical and Electronic Engineering


  • University Tutoring

Engineering Maths

First Year - Second Year

I think Engineering Maths is a subject too many students fail and it's mostly as a result of a less concentrated learning environment. I received tutoring for this subject and now I want to do the same.


First Year - Fourth Year

This was one of my favourite subjects. I continued with Electronics until my final year so I can definitely be of help.


First Year - Second Year

I love Maths and I know I can help someone achieve the results they want.

Applied Mathematics

First Year - Second Year

This subject comes naturally to me. I didn't receive a mark below 70% for any of the 4 Applied Maths courses that we did in Engineering 1st and 2nd year.

Electro Techniques

First Year - Fourth Year

I am still up to date with the content and I have all my old notes and tests.

Signals & Systems

First Year - Fourth Year

I am doing my postgraduate studies in this field and I have some extra time so I would love to help. Plus I have old notes and tests...

Electrical Studies

First Year - Fourth Year

Got my degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering and I have some free time, so I am sure I can help with this subject.

  • School Tutoring


Grade 1 - Grade 12

CAT was my best subject in school. This is a field that I really can help someone out with as I work with the content of this subject on a daily basis


Renier will travel up to 10km from Stellenbosch Campus, Stellenbosch, Western Cape to you.

Approximate location and area of coverage.

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