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Simphiwe Z

Tutor in Walmer Downs, Port Elizabeth • 23 years old

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Digital Copywriter & MA candidate - English Major with a passion for reading and writing. I love sharing knowledge and encouraging student to be active owners and co-creators of their own learning.

As a recipient of a full academic scholarship to one of the best schools in the country, I am a testament to how helping someone else can have an incredible impact on their life. This is why I commit myself to help where I can because I truly believe that though collaboration we can achieve great things


• St Andrew's College: Class 2014, matriculated with distinctions in English, LO and IsiXhosa.
• MA candidate in Media studies, focusing on the use of digital media to promote reading culture.

My Proudest

• Screenwriter of an award-nominated short film
• One of GradStar's Top 100 leaders 2017
• Former Golden Key Academic Society's Profesional Development Director


  • School Tutoring


Grade 1 - Grade 12

I have studied IsiXhosa up until Matric level and am a mother tongue speaker. I have also studied it at first year level at university


Grade 1 - Grade 12

I hold an 'A' level certification in English and I am currently majoring in English Literature.

Life Orientation

Grade 1 - Grade 12

I earned a distinction for Life Orientation in my Matirc year, and am well versed in various in areas which might be useful to the student. I am bilingual, and have studied philosophy and anthropology.

Computer Programming

Grade 1 - Grade 12

I studied IT and attained a 'B' Grade.

  • Language Tutoring


Beginner - Intermediate

I have studied IsiXhosa up until Matric level and am a mother tongue speaker. I have also studied it at first year level at university.

Conversational English

Beginner - Advanced

I am fluent in English, and have studied it since grade one. I am also an English literature major, and an avid reader-writer/practitioner of the language.

  • University Tutoring

English Literature

First Year - Third Year

I am an avid reader-writer and wish to impart upon others the skills I have learnt. I can help with essay writing and proofreading.

Media Studies

First Year - Fourth Year

I am a postgrad Media Student, well versed in Media Theory, specifically analysis and writing of academic papers.


First Year - Third Year

As a Cultural Studies major, I had to produce a research treatise - for which I got a distinction. This makes me knowledgable in the writing, editing and proof-reading of the paper itself as well as research, consulting of sources and referencing.

  • Life Skills

Writing Techniques

Beginner - Intermediate

I am a writer, and have written poetry and short pieces for my high school newspaper. I am currently studying media, majoring in English and cultural studies.


Simphiwe Mpho will travel up to 30km from Walmer Downs, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape to you.

Approximate location and area of coverage.

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