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Antonette N, Observatory

I had Anatomy during my second and third year in my undergrad and it was my favorite subject. I have a very good understanding of it and received an Award for best achievement in Anatomy in third year.

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Can teach: Mathematics, Life Sciences (Biology), Physiology, Anatomy
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Sabrina S, Parktown

I am a Health Science student and have done a year of dissection of a cadaver which has given me a great deal of knowledge on the anatomy of a human.

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Can teach: Mathematics, English, Afrikaans, Life Sciences (Biology), History, Homework, Physiology, Anatomy, Human Biology, Physical Science IEB, Microbiology, Hockey, Personal Time Management

Kerry K, Fellside

I majored in Anatomy in my undergrad, including Gross Anatomy, Histology, Human Oesteology, Embryology, Forensic Anthropology, Human Cell and Developmental Biology, Comparative Anatomy and a full year of Dissection.

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Can teach: Mathematics, Physical Science, English, Life Sciences (Biology), Geography, Statistics, Chemistry, Genetics, Biochemistry, Anatomy
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Jeshika L, Westville

Anatomy was my major in university and I have experience in both the in depth theory of anatomy as well as the practical dissection of cadavers. It is an important subject to properly understand as it has a big impact in any health science career.

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Can teach: English, Afrikaans, Life Sciences (Biology), French, Physiology, Biology, Anatomy