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Kapil D

Tutor in Brentwood Park AH, Kempton Park • 28 years old

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From a student to a world traveller to an entrepreneur, I have the necessary knowledge which I would love to transmit whether, in a fun way or serious way or both, I am your PERSON!

I come from a small town where there was little to no support in education and my goal is to always provide that support where it's not given in order to unlock that hidden talent in a person. I have been tutoring from my final year undergraduate, MBA and abroad in various aspects pertaining to business, communication and language. There is potential in every person.


• 2013-2015-BCOM degree in business (Pearson Education

• 2016-2017-MBA degree (Cardiff Metropolitan University)

• 2018-2019-Financial adviser

• 2019-2021- Tutor in Morocco

• 2021-Director at Moroccan Scent

My Proudest

• My proudest achievements are:

• * Academic achievement certificate for top achiever throughout my undergraduate studies (2013-2015).
• * Received a full scholarship to pursue my MBA degree in the UK in 2016.
• * I am the co-founder and director of a cosmetic brand called 'Moroccan Scent'.


  • University Tutoring

Project Management

First Year - Third Year

This module was undertaken in my second year of studies which focuses on 'project management in business. I have taught this module to my peers at the time of my studies and to supplementary students in order to help them understand and pass the module.

Business Management

First Year - Postgrad

I have extensive knowledge and experience regarding business management and what aspects are important in order to run a business. I am currently the co-founder and Director of a business and I would love to pass on my knowledge to the future generation. I will pass on real-life examples.

Human Resource Management

First Year - Third Year

The course was about 'Strategic Human resource management which I had taught 3rd-year students. This is an extensive module with tons of theory that needs to be applied to the real world with relevant examples. it involves succession planning, HR practitioners, and leadership just to name a few.

Marketing Management

First Year - Postgrad

I have had marketing modules integrated into my studies from my first year of undergraduate up until my MBA degree. Marketing is a vital course that involves many aspects of how to get your product in the hands of the consumer. I use marketing strategies on a daily basis for my own business.

Operations Management

First Year - Third Year

I had taken a 1-year course on Operations management in my MBA studies which involved extensive research and application of theory to the real world. I had completed an assignment that achieved a result of 90% which was published on the university worksite which specialises in lean management.


First Year - Third Year

I have tutored in marketing during my undergraduate and postgraduate but my true learning experience of marketing started when I was developing my own business and putting theory into practice. Every day is a new learning experience that I would love to pass on!


Kapil will travel up to 20km from Brentwood Park AH, Kempton Park, Gauteng to you.

Approximate location and area of coverage.

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