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Shaahid F

Tutor in Killarney, Johannesburg • 24 years old

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A future Renaissance man on the journey to PolyMath. My vision is to share the same ideology in everything we do, by doing this we encourage new world leaders.

I've been tutoring for Pro-bono since high school and majority of my students marks has improved. More importantly their attitude towards the subject changed to a more positive mindset In learning. Also having the patience and empathy that it's okay to make mistakes, making mistakes is how I learnt my way through life. No question is stupid and an explanation will be given until understood.


• Gr.12 Matric IEB
• Assistant manager - Mighty Scrapyard, Mighty Tactical Reaction Services.
• Community Police Forum
• UJ Head Tutor
• Financial Analyst and Specialist
• IT and Security
• Corporate Efficiency

My Proudest

• UJenius Award-University of Johannesburg for being in the top 1% in the university.
• The Golden Key International Honours Society Award for being amongst the top 15%
• 1st in numerous modules e.g Tax and Investments
• The President's Award by The Duke of Edinburgh
• UJ Head Tutor


  • School Tutoring

Business Studies

Grade 1 - Grade 12

I have obtained my degree with A aggregate in Financial Sciences and Investments management. A full perspective on the subject, how to analyse news ( real life events ) and what are the repercussions of those events.

Computer Skills

Grade 1 - Grade 9

Practice is key here!

Life Orientation

Grade 1 - Grade 12

I have experienced quite a lot on the journey of self independence.

  • University Tutoring


First Year - Third Year

Accounting is really really easy if you understand the process of journaling and the effect of that specific journal on the whole financial statements and notes. How to formulate an argument using IFRS and IAS.

Financial Planning & Control

First Year - Third Year

I have personally worked with many financial planners and an in depth understanding of application of work studied. Also understanding that financial planning has many branches that includes Accounting, Tax, Financial Management, Commercial Law etc

Investment Management

First Year - Third Year

Arithmetic Analysis is my passion. Finding methods and patterns in equations to see how everything gets tied together to get the final answers. Understanding what those values means and what to calculate with given information.


First Year - Second Year

Ultimately this is my favourite subject. Simple and easy. The key over here is that theres many ways to reach the answer. The question is which method is the most efficient. Not just to get a 4.0 GPA but in life and business.

Commercial Law

First Year

The trick to law is understanding the language and connecting all laws to relevant business dealings.

Business Management

First Year

Understanding the theory makes the remembrance and application of the relevant business tools easier. Also HOW to react to the news in relation to businesses as a whole.


First Year - Second Year

Economics is essentially the explanations of numerical value changes in relation to previous results, predicting future results and conditions, applying it to graphs to determine a pattern. Understand the maths you understand Ecos!

Financial Management

First Year - Third Year

Combination of Financial mathematics, cost and management accounting and investments. Luckily I did all of them leaving no stone unturned!

Cost Management

First Year - Second Year

i really enjoyed the mathematical analysis behind the subject, but the theory is very bias against CA Stream.

Financial Mathematics

First Year

This is the foundation of equation structure and deconstruction


Shaahid will travel up to 10km from Killarney, Johannesburg, Gauteng to you.

Approximate location and area of coverage.

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