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Debby C, Muizenberg

I'm a think out of the box mom with a can do attitude. I believe you can achieve anything if you set your mind to it and your heart's in it.I have proven this. I'm an excellent motivator.

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Can teach: Life Sciences (Biology), Geography, Mathematics Literacy, Botany, Zoology

Carol O, Muizenberg

I am an English speaking person who has traveled extensively while experiencing different Cultures and their Countries.

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  • 67 Hours of Availability
Can teach: TEFL

Jeremy H, Muizenberg

I am a career musician and enjoy multiple different genres. As a result I have a passion for helping others understand the inner workings of the subject.

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  • 30 Hours of Availability
Can teach: Music Theory

Christa N, Muizenberg

I am a young determined woman. I persevere in everything I do and I am full of life! I believe in myself. People easily connect with me because of my positive energy and great work ethic.

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  • 56 Hours of Availability
Can teach: Mathematics, French, Geography, Physical Science IEB, Engineering Graphics and Design

Tawanda S, Claremont

I am a Chemical Engineering graduate with a passion for educating and transferring knowledge. I am intelligent, easy-going, open-minded and enjoy helping people whenever I can.

  • 354 hours tutored
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  • 35 Hours of Availability
Can teach: Mathematics, Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, GMAT, Chemical Engineering, AS Cambridge syllabus
4.9 out of 5
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Derik S, Fish Hoek

I am the type of person who likes to see people learn. I'm studying towards a teaching qualification because it is my passion to have students understand a concept.

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  • 69 Hours of Availability
Can teach: English, Afrikaans, Natural Science, Social Science
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Frank Sylvio G, Sunnydale

I am an open person who has a lot of patience and always willing to help others. I am a Member of the Cameroonian Student Association. I am a tutor for the second year students in operation MNGT.

  • 68 hours tutored
  • Background check passed
  • 28 Hours of Availability
Can teach: Mathematics, Accounting, Additional Mathematics, French, Mathematics Literacy, Statistics, Financial Mathematics, Financial Accounting, Commerce, Advanced Mathematics, Investment Management, Financial Management, Business Statistics, Business Mathematics, Mathematics IEB experience, Applied Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Corporate Finance, AP Maths, Financial Analysis
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Itayi M, Retreat

I believe that a goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline. My goal is to develop a career in education within social work, dealing with people from other backgrounds through training and experience.

  • 1124 hours tutored
  • Background check passed
  • 39 Hours of Availability
Can teach: Mathematics, Physical Science, Life Sciences (Biology), Additional Mathematics, Geography, Homework, Life Orientation, Mathematics Literacy, Natural Science, Statistics, Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Technical Drawing, Technology, Exam Preparation, Shona, Advanced Mathematics, Engineering Drawing, Chemical Engineering, Fluid Mechanics, Engineering Graphic Design
4.6 out of 5
50 reviews
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Andrea S, Constantia

I enjoy reading and spending time with my children and am particularly concerned with the future of education.

  • 368 hours tutored
  • Background check passed
  • 25 Hours of Availability
Can teach: English, German, TEFL
4.7 out of 5
21 reviews
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Judith O, Wynberg

I am a qualified teacher in English and Maths. My hobbies include volleyball, reading, puzzles and board games. I enjoy helping others. Faith, family and friends are important to me.

  • 87 hours tutored
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  • 7 Hours of Availability
Can teach: Mathematics
5.0 out of 5
5 reviews
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