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Clifford M

Tutor in Vasco Estate, Cape Town • 32 years old

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Helping others is my calling, tutoring is my passion. I enjoy interacting and working with learners.

I am a learner myself and l understand the challenges learners experience in their academic journey. The ability to understand the learner, the challenges they encounter and give them the confidence to confront their fears is what sets me apart above the rest.


• Currently enrolled for a B Com Hon in Business Management with Unisa 2019
• 2016 :Successfully completed Certificate in Business Accounting (CIMA)
• 2013: Completed B-Tech Management in Entrepreneurship

My Proudest

• Appointed tutor and mentor in my 2nd year at university.
• Appointed research assistant in the Department
• Being invited to join the Golden Key International Honour Society
• Bachelor of Technology Degree Management in Entrepreneurship (2013), l graduated with a Cum Laude


  • School Tutoring


Grade 1 - Grade 12

My love for the subject is one of the main reasons l chose to tutor this subject. I have been tutoring the subject for the past 5 years. I strive to make the student fall in love with the subject.

Business Studies

Grade 1 - Grade 12

This happens to be my absolute favourite subject because of the love and passion l have for business. With 6 years tutoring experience, l believe l have the right experience and knowledge to help students excel in this subject.

  • University Tutoring

Financial Accounting

First Year - Second Year

As one of my favourite subjects, I found it easy to grasp concepts and also assisted my peers who were struggling with the subject


First Year - Second Year

I did marketing in my 1st and 2nd year and university and passed it with distinctions. l have experience both tutoring and lecturing this subject.

Business Communication

First Year

Completed an online Work Readiness Programme courtesy of Fetola and it centred mainly on Business Communication. In addition, l did it as a subject at university during my 1st year.


First Year

As one of my favourite subjects, I found it easy to grasp concepts and assisted my peers who were struggling with the subject

Business Management

First Year - Third Year

I have 4 years tutoring experience for this module. I tutor both Unisa and ICB students.

Marketing Management

First Year - Second Year

My educational experience and broad understanding of the concepts of marketing makes me an ideal candidate to tutor this subject.


Clifford will travel up to 15km from Vasco Estate, Cape Town, Western Cape to you.

Approximate location and area of coverage.

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