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Lailan M

Tutor in Willow Park Manor, Pretoria • 26 years old

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I am a leader and a passionate teacher. I am someone who believes in combining creativity and logic in all aspects.

I am very patient and I believe in helping and guiding others. Knowledge should be shared, and it should be acknowledged that different people all learn in different ways.


• 2008 - 2012 : Honors student with distinction average
• 2013 - 2018 : Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering

My Proudest

• I was elected head-boy of my school. I was chosen for an exchange program in Europe. I have won prizes for best engineering projects at companies where I did vacation work. I was also awarded with a prestigious bursary opportunity at a major energy and petrochemical company.


  • School Tutoring


Grade 1 - Grade 9

I have always been passionate about languages. I achieved good results and my perspective is teaching students who are new to the German language, and learning it as a second or third additional language.


Grade 1 - Grade 12

Mathematics is a logical subject that requires thinking out of the box and a nudge in the right direction. It is often easy to get confused and isolate different themes without realizing how it comes together. I studied mathematics at university.

Additional Mathematics

Grade 1 - Grade 12

Additional mathematics is a subject that requires a slightly different approach to the core maths syllabus. Learning complex proofs and geometry as well as aspects of calculus requires thinking out of the box. I studied mathematics at university.

  • University Tutoring


First Year - Third Year

My main focus of my degree was analogue and digital electronics, linear systems, electromagnetism and embedded systems design.

  • University Courses

Computer Systems

Second Year

I have competed courses in Network Security, Computer Architecture, Software Engineering, Intelligent Systems, Computer Engineering Design, Information technology practice and Information Systems.


Lailan Kyle will travel up to 15km from Willow Park Manor, Pretoria, Gauteng to you.

Approximate location and area of coverage.

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