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Kei P, Newlands

French is my second language yet I have excelled in it. I understand the difficulties faced by high school students learning french and therefore can help them most.

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Can teach: Mathematics, French, Engineering Graphics and Design
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Krishna Nuvin S, Claremont

French is my first language. Thankfully, I got to study French for 7 years. I obtained an A for French Language and French Literature - Cambridge O levels. Results - A for French A levels and 82/100 For Diplôme approfondi en Langue Française (DALF)

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Can teach: French

Amie S, Westlake

I studied French from grade 4-9 and then again at first year university level.

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Can teach: English, Afrikaans, Business Studies, Economics, French, History, Homework, Life Orientation, Mathematics Literacy, Ballet, Modern Dance, Dance Theory

Olivia W, Claremont

I have been an A-grade student in French throughout high school and am currently studying French at second year level at UCT. I have also achieved a level B1 (second to highest level) in the international DELF French proficiency exams.

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Can teach: English, French, History, Mathematics Literacy

Laura O, Rondebosch

Because of my knowledge of another Latin language (my home language Romanian), I picked French up quite easily and enjoyed the poetry components the most.

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Can teach: Mathematics, English, Afrikaans, French, Information Technology

NOE Careme F, Cape Town City Centre

I have studied French at school and some of my university years until my first Masters Degree. I used to be among the two best students in French Literature and Dictation.

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Can teach: French, Economics, Business Statistics, Business Mathematics
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Anthony S, Newlands

I completed my A-Level in the subject in England, achieving an A grade. I lived and worked in Paris for 4 months, serving customers in French. At the end of 2018 I obtained a degree in Business French from UCT.

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Can teach: French, Psychology