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Joshua M, Rondebosch

I absolutely loved first-year geology and have very comprehensive notes, I intend to major in Geology after which, I shall go into education in some form. I tutored through the UCT student society TeachOut and so have tutoring experience.

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Can teach: Mathematics, Physical Science, Geography, Chemistry, Advanced Mathematics, Geology
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Sibabalwe N, Claremont

First year Geology. Still have course material and textbook as well as past papers.

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Can teach: Mathematics, Physical Science, Life Sciences (Biology), Geography, Statistics, Economics, Physics, Sociology, Civil Engineering, Geology
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Abosede A, Berea

I have experience and skills in Basin Analysis, burial history, compaction, basin evolution, Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, Exploration Geophysics, Geochemistry, Economic Geology, Hydrogeology,Geological field mapping, and Environmental Geochemistry.

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Can teach: Mathematics, Natural Science, Geology