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Michaela H, Cape Town City Centre

I studied Latin for a while at university and fell in love with the language. It is a logical language with absolutely stringent rules, but it is still a language of beauty. I have made extensive notes on grammar, and can also help with translation.

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Can teach: Mathematics, English, Drama, Latin
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Carol W, Kenilworth

I majored in Latin at UCT and then taught Latin at high schools in South Africa up to Grade 12 level for 12 years and in Philadelphia in the USA for 5 years. I have taught all components of the language: Literature, Language/ Grammar and Translation.

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Tonderai M, Hatfield

I completed the Latin Cambridge GCSE syllabus in 2009. I went on to complete a B.A Degree with Latin as one of my majors. Authors I read are Seneca, Cicero, Pliny the Younger, Horace, Vergil, Julius Caesar, Ovid, Plautus and Jerome, among others.

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Can teach: French, Latin, Law, Commercial Law, Philosophy
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