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Kelly L, Stellenbosch Central

I obtained my B.Sc in Human Life Sciences with Psychology at the University of Stellenbosch in December of 2016. I was accepted for Honors in Psychiatry Genetics at Tygerberg for 2017.

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Can teach: Mathematics, Life Sciences (Biology), Genetics, Physiology

Chanelle O, Hatfield

I still have all my diagrams and notes that I made and used to understand Genetics. I sometimes watched e-tutor sessions and attended all tutorials. I also have a lot of printed notes on possible tutorial questions.

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Can teach: Mathematics, Afrikaans, Life Sciences (Biology), Life Orientation, Physics, Psychology, Genetics, Calculus, Computer Skills, Conversational English
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Kerry K, Fellside

I majored in Genetics in my undergrad. This includes Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic genetics, Gene regulation, Population and Evolutionary Genetics.

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Can teach: Mathematics, Physical Science, English, Life Sciences (Biology), Geography, Statistics, Chemistry, Genetics, Biochemistry, Anatomy
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