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Sylvester M, Sunnyside

I have vast knowledge and experience in this field of study. Total experience summed up will amount to 8 to 10 years of teaching and industrial knowledge.

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Can teach: Mathematics, Accounting, Business Economics, Economics, Economic Management Science (EMS), Mathematics Literacy, Financial Accounting, Internal Auditing, Macro Economics, Microeconomics, Auditing

Amon M, Pretoria Central

I am currently in third year (BCom Economics). Tutoring Economics at high school and university level has made me aware of areas students often find a bit difficult to grasp. I am confident of the knowledge I've acquired.

  • 41 hours tutored
  • Background check passed
  • 26 Hours of Availability
Can teach: Accounting, Economics, Economic Management Science (EMS), Financial Accounting, Macro Economics
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Daniel B, Hillcrest

I obtained a final mark of 89% for Economics 234 during my second year. My passion for Economics is what drives me to succeed in this subject.

  • 11 hours tutored
  • Background check passed
  • 9 Hours of Availability
Can teach: Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Macro Economics
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Jonathan M, Centurion Central

I am highly skilled in identifying learner strengths and weaknesses and devising strategies to make learning effective and enjoyable. I am able to break down difficult concepts into easily understandable material.

  • 9 hours tutored
  • 15 Hours of Availability
Can teach: Mathematics, Accounting, Economics, Mathematics Literacy, Business Law, Macro Economics, Microeconomics

Cecily M, Johannesburg

Currently Bcom Hons in Economics

  • 298 hours tutored
  • Background check passed
  • 39 Hours of Availability
Can teach: Mathematics, Physical Science, Additional Mathematics, Business Economics, Business Studies, Economics, Mathematics Literacy, Statistics, Business courses, Financial Mathematics, Management, Business Management, Advanced Mathematics, Macro Economics, Financial Management, Microeconomics, Business Mathematics, Mathematics IEB experience, Labour Economics
4.8 out of 5
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Alpha K, Cape Town City Centre

Completed Macroeconomics 1 (80%) and Macroeconomics 2, University of Cape Town

  • 1039 hours tutored
  • Background check passed
  • 26 Hours of Availability
Can teach: Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Accounting, Financial Mathematics, Financial Accounting, Theory of Interest, Financial Reporting, Macro Economics, Financial Management, Finance, Microeconomics, Business Statistics, Calculus, Introduction to Actuarial Science, Corporate Finance
4.8 out of 5
40 reviews
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