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Tendai Gibson M, Sunnyside

I passed this subject with distinction at university.

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Can teach: Mathematics, Physical Science, Additional Mathematics, Mathematics Literacy, Financial Mathematics, Advanced Mathematics, Mathematical Modelling, Quantitive Methods, Calculus, Engineering Maths, Applied Mathematics, Statistics, AP Maths, Quantitative Modelling
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Percival P, Hatfield

I am very good with Maths Lab Programming and I love this module more than any that I have done so far.

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Can teach: Mathematics, Mathematical Modelling, Calculus, Linear Algebra
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Fani N, Muckleneuk

I'm doing my final year in Applied Mathematics and I have successfully completed a course in Mathematical Modelling at an undergraduate level.

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Can teach: Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Mathematics Literacy, Statistics, Financial Mathematics, Advanced Mathematics, Matlab, Business Statistics, Civil Engineering Maths, Mathematical Modelling, Business Mathematics, Calculus, Linear Algebra, Engineering Maths, Mathematics IEB experience, Applied Statistics, Applied Mathematics, AP Maths, Mathematics IGCSE Cambridge
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